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Core Beliefs Psychotherapy

Core Beliefs Psychotherapy, CBP, is another approach I utilize to help clients clear unhelpful beliefs about the self that are caused by neglect, abuse, or just plain lack of love or caring in their families of origin.

CBP involves learning to listen to that often split off part of the core self, which is the Inner Child.  As children, folks often experience distress in the family in a number of ways.  They learn to adapt to this distress by being “the good child”, by “acting out,” by trying to take care of everyone else, or by trying to excessively please one parent or the other.  So the “natural child” goes underground, and the “adapted child” is out there trying to fix, please, and survive! 

In the process of adapting, the child also develops negative or mistaken beliefs about him or herself.  These are called “mistaken core beliefs.”  If a child is ignored or neglected, he or she will often conclude that she is bad or unworthy.  If a child is ridiculed, he feels stupid or ugly.  If he is abused, he feels bad and unworthy.  As you can imagine, the more abuse or neglect, the worse the child feels about him or herself.

CBP corrects these mistaken core beliefs by helping the child tell her story, correcting the mistaken beliefs by letting the child know that it was the parent's responsibility to make them safe and loved, that it was not his fault, and giving the child a way to express her sadness and anger.

You come away from this process with a way to connect with your core self through the metaphor of the inner child, and this can fan out in positive ways in your everyday life.

This does take a little time, but it doesn't take as long as you make think.  I often tell clients, “you won't be in therapy forever!”

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