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Deborah Samuels, MS, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

(503) 283-0380

Are you a courageous person who is frustrated by feelings you can't seem to shake, like anxiety, anger, or hurt, who is seeking integration and peace?

Have you told the story about your past countless times, only to continue to suffer from bad feelings about things that happened to you?

Are you a survivor of childhood trauma or a combat veteran struggling with fears, anger, and unexplained fright who wants to heal the old wounds?

There is effective help available! These things can be improved or healed, without becoming over-medicated, without becoming re-traumatized, and without having to be in therapy forever!

Deborah is a licensed therapist, grounded, experienced and compassionate, who incorporates ground-breaking energy techniques into a solid therapeutic framework. Her therapy practice is built on respect for your pace and goals, strong ethics, and the desire to create safety and efficacy.
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Deborah frequently utilizes TAT, Tapas Acupressure Technique, a wonderfully gentle and effective way to clear traumas and break away from stuck places.
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Core Beliefs Psychotherapy, CBP, is another approach Deborah utilizes to help clients work through things that happened in the families they grew up in. These may be things that are continuing to cause distress, like mistaken beliefs about being unworthy or bad.
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Deborah also utilizes hypnotherapy for various issues such as smoking cessation, dealing with anxiety, developing confidence, and envisioning healthy habits.
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Deborah utilizes breath work to help clients address emotional blocks, whether they be repressed emotions or emotions that feel too intense.
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