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Deborah Samuels, MS, LPC

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Tapas Acupressure Technique - TAT

What is TAT?

  • TAT is an effective yet gentle and powerful approach that speeds up emotional healing and clears traumas, mistaken beliefs, and bad feelings that you may think “will never go away.”  TAT was developed by a licensed  acupuncturist named Tapas Fleming.  I have trained with Tapas and with Sara Arey, a certified TAT Trainer, and am certified as a TAT Professional.
  • I utilize TAT to help clients move through these stuck and painful places, things that can take months or years to get better using traditional psychotherapy.
  • TAT is certainly relatively new and non-traditional, a type of energy healing.  We do not claim it as a “cure for everything,” yet its effectiveness has been demonstrated again and again, and it has endless applications.

What does TAT look like?

  • TAT involves learning a couple of acupressure points that I teach you to do yourself.  This is called the TAT "pose." Then I read some statements that you put your attention on.  This is not hypnotherapy, but most people find it calming, clearing, and deeply healing.

What else could TAT do for me?

  • TAT is effective in decreasing or eliminating the effects of trauma such as anxiety, hyper-vigilance, bad memories or flashbacks, and nightmares.  It can improve sleep and improve your whole outlook and and quality of life.  TAT can also help to clear up ineffective beliefs and “stoppers” that get in the way of your moving forward with your healing process.

How is this possible?

  • TAT literally helps you back away from memories and feelings that have felt overwhelming. While it won't make you lose memories, the harsh or scary feelings connected with the incidents may fade, as well as the anger and confusion that goes with them.

What if some of my memories are forgotten, or are too painful to talk about or even think about?

  • One of the great things about TAT is that you do not have to remember all of the bad things that happened to you, in order to heal!  This is a misconception about therapy in general.  This may sound unbelievable, but I have observed it for myself on many occasions.
  • Many of my clients who have struggled with traumatic memories may remember only a fraction of what happened to them.  But that's OK because they usually feel, after one or a few TAT sessions, a way through the difficulties, rather than being stuck inside of them.  Sometimes they will be able to talk about these things much more easily after a TAT session.

The end result? 

  • You won't be in therapy forever, and when you are “done” with therapy you will be ready to meet your life full-on, without all of the baggage!  And when things do come up, which they will, you will have a way to easily deal with these things on your own.

For more information on TAT, and Tapas Fleming, please see the official TAT website:


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